Sunday, April 30, 2006

Portobello Road Market

This morning I woke up and went straight out for a run. It was so good! Usually, when I had run before, I'd run fast and burn out in a few mins, so I thought I was no good at it; but today I pased myself and ran straight for 45 mins (1 min of walking in between). I ran from my flat through Primrose Hill and Regent's Park and back almost to the top of Primrose Hill again and then had to stop. Yay! I'm glad I can run like that! I was thinking earlier of doing the London Marathon next year since I didn't notice any Canadians on the course, so who knows, maybe I will if I can keep doing this often (I feel very good afterwards). Anyways...

I headed over to Portobello Market afterwards and looked around (took about over an hour to get there by bus). It's similar to Camden Market but a little nicer. There are also lots of antiques including jewelry, china, and silverware. I didn't buy anything, just browsed. I went home afterwards for something to eat and watched a movie with Garreth which I fell asleep through. Now I'm tired and want to go to bed!


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