Monday, May 01, 2006


Whoops, I forgot to write this last night, I was so tired! I got home at 12:30 and was freezing cold and just wanted to go to bed!

So what did I do yesterday? It was a packed day, I was only home for less than an hour today. I started off with a run at around 8:30am and I did some exercises and crunches and got changed afterwards. Next, I went to Hillsong Church; It was a lot of fun! At the end of the service I talked with a girl named Sylvia who works there and she invited me to a bible study on Tues night called Discovery, so I'm happy about that. She said it's a good place to meet people. They also have pub nights where you can meet a bunch of people and have a drink and chat. So I'm happy! Hopefully I'll make some new friends soon!

I had to go straight home after and quickly get changed again because Garreth's friend James invited us out to play rounders (like baseball, but some of the rules are different). Once I got changed, I headed down to Regent's Park and met up with the group. There were about 20 people (from James' work) and tons of food layed out on big picnic blankets. We ate and talked for a bit and then the game of rounders started up. It was very cold out! Earlier today was nice, but it really changed and felt like winter! You could almost see your breath! I just had a fleecy on since I didn't bring a sporty jacket with me so I was freeeeezing!!! When I was in out field I almost died, I was so cold. When the game was over we all headed to a nearby pub to warm up!

After the pub Garreth, James, his GF (Genine sp?), and I all decided to go out for Thai food. We bussed to Angel and had some great Thai food at a nice restaurant (I don't know what it was called). Then we ended up at another pub where I had a warm chocolate baileys drink with marshmallows hoping it would warm me up a bit more. It helped a little. On the way home though, it was pouring and Garreth and I had to take 2 busses home, so it took a while! By the time I was home I was cold, wet, and just wanted to go to bed! It was a fun day though! Just cold near the end.


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