Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day Off!

Today was a pleasant day off from work! I worked my butt off on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was a bank holiday so it was packed and so busy all day and Tues I had to work over 11 hours because it was a double shift. I'm so glad to have today off!

I had a lazy morning and then headed out to Camden to do some errands. I grabbed a bite to eat at Pret; they have these breadless sandwiches that are sooooo good! Then I bought a few odds and ends and when to the bank. I ordered some Euros for my trip to Venice next week. On my way home I stopped at the Camden Lock Starbucks and had a blueberry muffin with tea and studied Greek since I the tutor is coming over tomorrow morning before work.

Now I'm at home and just want to relax because I'm on call for another 12 hour day tomorrow! I'm going to make some Chinese stirfry tonight and watch some telly or some downloaded episodes of 24, we'll see! Below are some shots around the Camden Lock Markets, there are some neat areas around there, I always find a new nook or cranny everytime I visit.


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