Wednesday, May 03, 2006

this n' that

Today I started off with a run in Primrose Hill. There were a whole bunch of horses in one of the fields in the park. They were doing drills and some horses were carting around carriages. There were police guarding the area so no one would go in. It was quite sunny in the morning and warmish so I did my stretches at the top of Primrose Hill and had a great view over London.

After the run I cleaned the flat. I vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, it was sparkling afterward! Then I went to a big super market in Camden called Morrison’s; I hadn’t been there before because there is a smaller Tesco’s right around the corner from my flat, but Morrison’s is bigger and cheaper. I bought a bunch of food that’ll last me a while!

In the evening I went to a Hillsong Church bible study. I met a bunch of people and I’m going to go out with them to a pub on Friday. So I’m happy about that! I’ll finally meet some more people! It was about 10:00 by the time I left. Now I’m going to bed because I want to get up earlier and head down to Brighton for the day!


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