Friday, May 05, 2006

Summer Weather!

This morning I went for my morning run. It was sooo nice out today! It is the first day of summer weather since I’ve been here. It was tank top weather!

After my run I had to go to the grocery store and started to make a Greek salad for tonight because I invited Helle over for dinner and a movie. I wanted to be prepared.

After making the beginnings of dinner, I headed out to Oxford Street for some shopping. I needed some sandals and a skirt for this type of weather! I found some crazy deals: two skirts for 10 pounds, two tank tops for 6 pounds and sandals for 12! After shopping I hung out in Leicester Square on the grass for a while until it was time to meet up with Helle.

We met at Holborn and headed to my flat. We rented a movie and I made the rest of the dinner. It turned out really well! Chicken curry and Greek salad. We watched “In Her Shoes” and then “Grey’s Anatomy”. It was a really good day!


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