Monday, May 08, 2006

Six Story Elephant

This morning I went to Hillsong Church and had a great time as usual! After church I wanted to go down to Piccadilly Circus to check out a giant elephant that has been around town since Friday. Luckily, today wasn’t raining like it said it would; it was pretty nice out. I love this statue below (it's in Piccadilly Circus)

Horses of Helios

Anyways, the elephant spectacle is called The Sultan’s Elephant and it’s a three-day play featuring a forty foot mechanical elephant which weighs 42 tonnes! Today it was on Piccadilly and St. James Street, so that’s where I headed. I got there at around 2:00, but it wasn’t going to start moving till 3:30. Some major streets were shut down and there were thousands of people everywhere! I bought some lunch and found a spot on some scaffolding which had a good view over looking the crowds.

By the time the elephant was going to start walking down the street (towards Piccadilly Circus), we got kicked off the scaffolding by the police! We had been up there for about an hour; why didn’t they tell us earlier! Oh well, I got some good shots anyways. It was really cool! It looked kinda lifelike with flapping ears and it sprayed water too! There was also a band playing music on a platform behind the elephant and there were people inside, on top, and hanging off of the elephant! What a strange thing to see in the streets of London. I took a short movie of it to which you can see here: (I’m going to try this movie idea out and see how it goes. Let me know if you have problems viewing it. You need the DivX codec to view it; I’ve included a link so you can download it if you need to.)

After the elephant spectacle, I walked around Soho and had a snack in Trafalgar Square then hit up a few book stores and headed home.


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Melissa said...

What a very bizarre spectacle! Who puts on something like that? Very unique.