Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Resurrection?

I kind of feel like blogging again. This blog died a while ago but maybe I'll resurrect it. Not sure what I'll write about, maybe just random stuff on my mind or activities I get up to. It's always fun to look back on posts that were written years before even though, at the time, it may not be as interesting.

Since the last post, I'm still living and working at the same places. Tony and I are together going on 4.5 years now. We've actually just booked a trip back to Greece for a month and leave at the end of August; excitement! We haven't been back since the big trip a few years ago. SO looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to the actual flights - British Airways, my fave airline and the plane food - I'm weird like that. And we'll stop in London for a day of shopping on the way back, squee!

For the past few months I've been doing a lot of freelance graphic/web design work so it's been busy and a little stressful. I'm learning new ways of creating sites though (using CSS and certain CMS's). Once I fully learn these new techniques, I may focus more on web design since that seems to be most of the freelance work that I get. My personal website needs to be updated badly but I'll do that once I get a few more CSS sites under my belt.

Running is my new passion. This time last year, I started to run to and from work (to save on bus money and get some exercise). I could barely run 1k without stopping; but slowly I progressed. In Oct 2009 I did a Run for the Cure 5k race with some of my gal cousins; so much fun! The whole racing atmosphere kinda sucked me in and I started to get motivated to do more races and to run further. I ended up signing up for a 10km race on Jan1, 2010 and trained on my own through the winter. I ran it in 1hr 8mins.

Next, I decided to join a 3 month 10k clinic. The clinic just ended last week and we all did our goal race which was the Times Colonist 10k. What fun it was to run with over 13,000 people! Tony and I ran the whole thing together and our time was 58min 39sec (I beat my Jan 1 time by almost 10 mins!). I also signed up for a half marathon clinic starting in June which Tony is also signing up for - I got him addicted to running too! The goal race for that is the Royal Victoria Marathon (but the half) on Oct 10. Can't wait! We'll have to continue to train while we're in Greece since the race happens less than 2 weeks after we get back 0.0 I find I've been eating a lot more since I started running. You have to make sure you eat a lot of carbs for energy and protein for your muscles. Even though I pig out now, I guess the running keeps the metabolism going so it's all good.

Also, a couple of my good friends are having babies. My friend Cherry just had a boy and my best friend is preggers. This is interesting for me. I've never really been a kid person and not sure if I see myself having a kid at all. But I'm curious if seeing my friends with babies will change my point of view? I think Tony would like me to have more of an open mind when it comes to this, we'll see.

I'm heading to the salon tomorrow and may come out with a lighter shade; I feel like a change from my dark brown hair but I'm too scared to do it myself (I actually want to keep my hair on my head and not fry it off with some over-the-counter bleaching product).