Monday, September 24, 2007


I’ve been back for a few days now and I really like being home. I’ve had fun seeing Tony, friends, family, and new babies in the last few days. It’s great to see everyone again!

On Friday, my first day back, I got insurance for my car and took it to get tuned up and ready to drive again. I knew it wasn’t good for the car to just sit for a long time but I didn’t think things would deteriorate. I got a bunch of fluid changed (oil and another kind), a new battery, and the brakes needed to be fixed. It was a costly day! At least it’s all taken care of now.

Also on Friday, I had to dye my hair. I was so sick of the bronzy color the sun bleached it and I wanted my natural color back (brunette) so here’s the before and after. Quite a difference!

I’ve noticed a few things that I didn’t think of before. Such as, how friendly and helpful everyone who works in the stores are. I went with Tony to do some grocery shopping and started to bag our food at the till; I just assumed we had to bag it ourselves but the girl at the till said it’s her job and thanked me for the help, lol.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work at an animation studio. I’m looking forward to seeing old co-workers, meeting new ones, and to finding out what project I’ll be working on. Should be interesting!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

I just arrived home last night and it’s strange. Everything is familiar yet different. I woke up at 5am this morning and just looked through old photos and set up my desktop computer.

I had a looooong, delayed, 12-hour flight yesterday (it stopped to pick up more people in Manchester). When we were about to land in Vancouver, I could see the Pacific Ocean and some islands out the window and a wave of patriotism hit me and I was proud to be back in Canada, “my home and native land,” lol. The Vancouver Airport was really nice too; It must’ve gotten a facelift in preparation for the Olympics. I had a Tim Horton’s coffee while waiting around; oh how I missed it, it’s so classically Canadian!

I was planning on taking a shuttle bus to the ferry terminal to catch the 9pm ferry but I missed it. I had been waiting for it for over an hour too! I didn’t pay enough attention to the time I guess (I’m going to blame it on the lack of sleep, ya, that’s it, lack of sleep). Anywho, I grabbed a taxi instead and 20mins and $60 later I got to the terminal with plenty of time to spare.

My daddy and brother met me at Swartz Bay (my mom couldn’t, she’s in Seattle and Tony had to get up super early for school). When I got home, it was so fun to see it again and to see my car and cat! He is so huge compared to my Greek kitty. Before the trip, I thought he was big but in a good way, now, I see that he is just plain obese (Tony was right) and I want to put him on a diet!

It kind of feels like luxury having a bunch of TV channels and internet right at my fingertips. I’m also loving my nice, big, warm, comfy bed. I’ll be living at home for a while to save some money and wait for my bro to finish a bunch of Paramedic’s tests; then we’ll move out together.

Today, I have to do a bunch of practical things like getting my car insured and tuned up, unpacking, buying things that I need, getting over jetlag, and just driving around and getting used to everything again. I'm happy to be home!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going Home

I leave London tomorrow for Victoria and I’m excited! I’ve had such a great time away but I think I’m ready to go home now.

I’m not looking forward to my 11 hour budget flight though. I know they serve a meal (but how good? I don’t know) and I’m not sure if there’ll be a movie on or not. Oh well, I’ll get what I paid for – it was cheap! I’ve stocked up on magazines and I have a book that I’m reading, so that’ll help.

The last few days in London have been good. I’ve been going for long walks and doing a bit of shopping. Yesterday, I went to the National Portrait Gallery; it’s jam packed with such beautiful paintings! Today was pretty uneventful; I went for a long walk through Primrose Hill, Maida Vale, and Little Venice but I forgot my Oyster Card (my pass for the buses and Tube) so I walked alllllll the way back home. By the time I got home in the late afternoon, my legs were soooo tired, I just stayed in the rest of the day and vegged. I might as well relax now since I won’t be doing much of that at home. Below: Trafalgar Square with a photography exhibition and art piece in front and Little Venice.

I start work on Monday (not Friday like I posted previously) and the weekend will be full of unpacking, getting car insurance, getting organized, and over the jet lag.

I didn’t really plan to keep this blog going when I got home. I think I will for a bit though, at least until it’s all back to normal. Once work starts though, I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting.

To all you family and friends in Victoria, we’ll have to meet up! See you all soon!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Oh, how I love London! Shopping in countless great stores, seeing fashionable people everywhere, going for a walk through the beautiful areas, staying in my cute ex-flat, and to top it off, the weather is quite nice and warmer than Prague. I’m glad I got to stay here for the last part of my time away!

I got caught up with Gareth and met his new flatmate, Andy. They are both so easy to get along with. It’s been nice to watch TV in English too. I almost forgot about those home decorating shows; It was fun watching the House Doctor!

Yesterday and today have been mainly shopping days. Yes, it’s sad, I haven’t done any sight seeing, except if you count Oxford Street and the inside of Top Shop, H&M, Selfridges, and many other great stores... I wanted to buy a few last things before I head home since it’s a more fun to shop over here than back home in Victoria.

Yesterday, I browsed along Oxford Street and went to a 5:30 Hillsong Church service. It was nice to be back there again; Hillsong is a lot of fun!

Today, I bought a few things: a cute and unique aqua-blue peacoat, nice black leather boots, a belt, and little black sweater. I had my favorite tomato and motza breadless sandwich at Pret for lunch. And, after a long day of running around the shops, I had a latte and walked through Primrose Hill on the way home right as the sun was going down; So beautiful! I love walking through Primrose Hill and Belsize Park; such a nice area.

I haven’t taken many photos so far of London, just of Primrose Hill above. Below, are some photos from Prague of some of the cool architecture. I love how whimsical and different the buildings are.

Only a few days till I go home; I’m looking forward to many things: seeing family and friends, starting up work, not being in a long distance relationship, seeing Victoria again, driving my car (I hope I remember how to, lol!)…


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pretty Prague 2 - Kutna Hora

On Wednesday night, I walked around the old town and the Old Town Square was packed with a ton of Irish all dressed up in green, orange, and white. They were drinking up a storm and chanting on their way to see the football game. The aftermath was not so pretty!

On the way back to the hostel, I walked by the scene below; I think it was a Cartier store opening and it was so over the top. There was a red carpet, butlers on either side, bouncers, and models, freezing, in little black dresses at computers to sign-in the guests. I think it was mainly executives that went in; I didn’t stay very long but it looked like a big film premiere.

Yesterday, I hopped on a train for a 2 hour ride to Kutna Hora (to a suburb called Sedlec) where there was an ossuary in the Chapel of All Saints. It was full of human bones which were arranged into art in 1870 to decorate the church. The chandelier was made from every single bone in the human body. It was strangely, very beautiful. Below: the church and train stop.

In the evening, I went to the
Krizik Fountain show. It was incredible!!! It’s a very old, huge fountain where they put on water shows in the evening. The show I saw incorporated live balet, and light/water show and music. It was sooooo well done and I didn’t want it to stop! I have a bunch of video footage which I’ll put up when I have time to edit it. I highly recommend it!!

Today is my last full-day here. I looked around Josefov, the former Jewish ghetto and I think I’ll just relax today and go for one last walk around the cobbled streets.

Here are a few more photos: a sunset from Charles Bridge and a helicopter I saw dropping something off onto that building.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pretty Prague

Prague is so beautiful and I’ve had a great few days so far. The first two days were cloudy and a little rainy but today the sun peaked out and it looks like tomorrow will be sunny all day.
I’ve hit up quite a few sights such as: the Mucha Museum, Decorative Arts Museum, the Prague Castle, Medieval Torture Museum, St.Vitus Cathedral, and Charles Bridge…

There is a cafĂ© chain called Coffee Heaven which I’ve been to a few times to give my legs a rest – I love their yummy, foamy lattes! There are a ton of shops selling Bohemian Crystal, paintings, jewelry, puppets… I’ve tried to control myself but I had to buy a few Mucha souvenirs. I’m starting to get used to the currency (Czech Korna or Crown); 1 euro is about 25 Crowns, so it feels weird paying 100 Crowns for a latte and a snack - feels like it’s sooo expensive when it’s really not.

Tonight, there's a soccer game on between the Czechs and the Irish happening here in Prague; so, for the fans that couldn’t get into the stadium, they are putting up a big screen outside in the Old Town Square. There are a ton of Irish people all dressed in Green and police crowding around already. I may check out the mayhem a little later.

Here are some pics.
Old Town Square at night and day:

The Astronomical Clock:

Charles Bridge and the statue of St. John of Nepomuk (if you rub the bronze plaque, you'll come back to Prague one day; so it looks like I'll be back!)

St. Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle:

Part of a stained glass window created by Mucha in the cathedral:

Veiw from one of the cathedral towers:

Some other random shots: