Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bye Paros!

This is my last full-day here on Paros. I’m excited to travel a little more and then head home but there are so many things I’m going to miss here and it’ll be sad to leave!

In the last few days, I’ve been heading to the beaches after work and trying to soak up the last bit of hot sunshine that I’ll feel for a while. I also drove up to the highest mountain yesterday for one last beautiful view of the island. It’s kinda silly but whenever I go anywhere now, I think: “oh, this could be the last time I look around in this store, ride down this road, or swim at this beach”…etc. I know I’ll be back but probably not for a few years, at least.

My boss, Yiannis and his family invited me over for dinner last night; that was nice! Yiannis has two girls who are so cute! They would all like to come to Canada for a visit one day so I hope it happens; even if it is a few years away, it would be fun to see them all again!

I’ve pretty much organized all my stuff and have most of it packed, I’ll finish it all today. I think I’ll head to Punda Beach now, rent a chair, and have a frappe in the sun one last time. I leave on the ferry tomorrow morning then hang out in Athens and have a nice sleep on the airport bench till my early morning flight.

The next post will come from Prague, I arrive there on the 10th. I checked the weather and it looks like I’ll need an umbrella. That’s ok, I’m just looking forward to seeing the city and museums (especially the Mucha museum – one of my all time favorite artists). My hostel is right in the middle of the Old Town too which is great because I can walk to all of the main sights instead of taking buses or the metro.

Here are a few last random shots of Paros (and my little kitty):

Bye Paros!


Kat said...

Hi M, I only found your blog a few days ago, took a read through your time abroad and had to write you.

I think your experience is a great story of what can happen when things work out. First, it's great that Canada has a program granting visas, but more than that, it's wonderful that opportunities appeared to present themselves to you at the right time and right place...and you decided to take advantage of them. What an amazing twist of adventures you had, especially with Tony.

As boyfriend and girlfriend going through these changes and experiences together, I believe it brings you closer, teaches you what's important and gives you unique memories that only you and he share.

I'm so happy for you, having lived and done things you dreamed of, feeling satisfied and now returning home to a job and no doubt a joyful life. From looking at photos of your family, I got the feeling you have a great relationship with them, and they are genuinely supportive of whatever you do. That's also enviable.

Have fun! I know you'll have the best time.

Travel Girl said...

Kat, Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, I have been very fortunate that everything worked out the way it did. It was such a great year and a half.

Tony and I both agree that this time has made us stonger because we've been through so much and still stuck together!

Yep, I am close to my family and they supported me all the way. My mom moved to Europe too when she was younger, so I think I inherited the idea!

I'll have to read your blog when I have more time at home. I'm in Prague now and want to see the sights!

Take care,