Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Job Back Home

I found out recently that I have a job lined up in Victoria when I get home. I start work the day after I arrive! Luckily it’s a Friday so if I barely make it through the day, I can recover on the weekend (from the jet lag).

It’s a 6-8 week contract (with a possible extension) at a local animation studio. I was working there before I left for my little adventure so it’ll be nice to see everyone again. I won’t even have time to insure my car so I’ll have to figure out another way of getting there. I’m happy to be thrown right into work though; I’ve had a pretty slack summer (and year for that matter)!

Tony and Sofia left last night for Canada. Tony, most likely, won’t be coming back here for a visit for about 2 years!

I’m going to start looking up Prague info and figure out what I want to check out there. I also want to look-up the hostel I booked. It was so long ago that I booked it; I can’t remember anything about it except the name!

This week will be full of: cleaning, getting organized, and packing for my departure on Sunday.


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Melissa said...

Hey! Haven't checked in for a while so it was fun to catch up on all your adventures.
*Ouch--Between Tony's eye and your scrapes, yikes!
*Love the pics from Santorini. Great panorama of the sunset, but I agree clouds would improve it. LOL about the scooter!
*I have heard about the fires and thought of you--glad the islands are safe.
*Congrats on having a job lined up back in Canada.
*Looking forward to your Prague pics!