Friday, February 11, 2011

Something New...

Ok, so this blog wasn't resurrected like I thought it might be. I think it's time to put it to sleep.

I'll be starting a fancy new blog featuring my art in the near future. I have recently been inspired to start working on my drawing skills with intensity. And I have some goals in my head that I'm excited about. This is going to be a bit of a process and I have to be patient but stay tuned!

Also, I should mention our wedding. Some people have been asking about where/when it is and all that. It'll be in Paros, Greece on July 30. It's going to be a Greek Orthodox wedding; in other words, there will be no English. It's a beautiful ceremony though and it'll be fun. You'll get to chuck rice at us too! Anyways, when the invites go out (hopefully soon) I'll put up a website where I'll put more info about the island.

Have a great weekend!