Sunday, October 12, 2008


In Sept, I moved into a little attic suite. It's great having my own place and being able to decorate however I want. The walls were a depressing gray/blue when I moved in so I painted it white and caramel. I can't really have people over though because it's a bachelor and I don't have room or even a table! But it's perfect for me plus my big kitty; he likes to go out onto the patio or look out the window to see the pigeons in the trees. Here's a couple pics: The office section and the kitchen with door out onto a little patio.

The nice thing about living there is the location; just a couple blocks away from Dallas Rd. A few weeks ago, the SnowBirds were doing an air show so I walked to the water and took some pics of all the people gathering around to watch.

Tony and I went to a Home Show and saw Colin and Justin from "Home Heist." They were entertaining and hilarious! Aren't they cute?

My parents and I went to see Rick Steves do a talk about his travels and tips; now I want to go to Europe even more! I can hardly wait to go again! Probably not till summer 2010 though :(. Next trip on my list is Hawaii - hopefully this Spring?

That's it for now!