Sunday, October 12, 2008


In Sept, I moved into a little attic suite. It's great having my own place and being able to decorate however I want. The walls were a depressing gray/blue when I moved in so I painted it white and caramel. I can't really have people over though because it's a bachelor and I don't have room or even a table! But it's perfect for me plus my big kitty; he likes to go out onto the patio or look out the window to see the pigeons in the trees. Here's a couple pics: The office section and the kitchen with door out onto a little patio.

The nice thing about living there is the location; just a couple blocks away from Dallas Rd. A few weeks ago, the SnowBirds were doing an air show so I walked to the water and took some pics of all the people gathering around to watch.

Tony and I went to a Home Show and saw Colin and Justin from "Home Heist." They were entertaining and hilarious! Aren't they cute?

My parents and I went to see Rick Steves do a talk about his travels and tips; now I want to go to Europe even more! I can hardly wait to go again! Probably not till summer 2010 though :(. Next trip on my list is Hawaii - hopefully this Spring?

That's it for now!



Tricia said...

finally a posting! your place looks small but cute, and that's cool that you got to meet Colin and Justin!

Ben&zSarah said...

When was Rick Steves in Victoria?! We love his shows.

Travel Girl said...

He was here I think the day I put up this post, so Oct 12. He was here in the spring too! He's seems to come pretty often. I'll let you know next time he comes. He quite entertaining!

Melissa said...

I saw Rick Steves at a travel show in L.A. I am also a fan and it was great to hear him talk in person. At least you have a date in mind for your return to Europe...I have no idea when I might get back there. By the way, your apartment looks cute!