Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pretty Prague

Prague is so beautiful and I’ve had a great few days so far. The first two days were cloudy and a little rainy but today the sun peaked out and it looks like tomorrow will be sunny all day.
I’ve hit up quite a few sights such as: the Mucha Museum, Decorative Arts Museum, the Prague Castle, Medieval Torture Museum, St.Vitus Cathedral, and Charles Bridge…

There is a café chain called Coffee Heaven which I’ve been to a few times to give my legs a rest – I love their yummy, foamy lattes! There are a ton of shops selling Bohemian Crystal, paintings, jewelry, puppets… I’ve tried to control myself but I had to buy a few Mucha souvenirs. I’m starting to get used to the currency (Czech Korna or Crown); 1 euro is about 25 Crowns, so it feels weird paying 100 Crowns for a latte and a snack - feels like it’s sooo expensive when it’s really not.

Tonight, there's a soccer game on between the Czechs and the Irish happening here in Prague; so, for the fans that couldn’t get into the stadium, they are putting up a big screen outside in the Old Town Square. There are a ton of Irish people all dressed in Green and police crowding around already. I may check out the mayhem a little later.

Here are some pics.
Old Town Square at night and day:

The Astronomical Clock:

Charles Bridge and the statue of St. John of Nepomuk (if you rub the bronze plaque, you'll come back to Prague one day; so it looks like I'll be back!)

St. Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle:

Part of a stained glass window created by Mucha in the cathedral:

Veiw from one of the cathedral towers:

Some other random shots:


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