Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pretty Prague 2 - Kutna Hora

On Wednesday night, I walked around the old town and the Old Town Square was packed with a ton of Irish all dressed up in green, orange, and white. They were drinking up a storm and chanting on their way to see the football game. The aftermath was not so pretty!

On the way back to the hostel, I walked by the scene below; I think it was a Cartier store opening and it was so over the top. There was a red carpet, butlers on either side, bouncers, and models, freezing, in little black dresses at computers to sign-in the guests. I think it was mainly executives that went in; I didn’t stay very long but it looked like a big film premiere.

Yesterday, I hopped on a train for a 2 hour ride to Kutna Hora (to a suburb called Sedlec) where there was an ossuary in the Chapel of All Saints. It was full of human bones which were arranged into art in 1870 to decorate the church. The chandelier was made from every single bone in the human body. It was strangely, very beautiful. Below: the church and train stop.

In the evening, I went to the
Krizik Fountain show. It was incredible!!! It’s a very old, huge fountain where they put on water shows in the evening. The show I saw incorporated live balet, and light/water show and music. It was sooooo well done and I didn’t want it to stop! I have a bunch of video footage which I’ll put up when I have time to edit it. I highly recommend it!!

Today is my last full-day here. I looked around Josefov, the former Jewish ghetto and I think I’ll just relax today and go for one last walk around the cobbled streets.

Here are a few more photos: a sunset from Charles Bridge and a helicopter I saw dropping something off onto that building.


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Melissa said...

Pretty is an understatement. You do it justice in the photos, which are, as usual, beautiful. Except that bony church. That's just creepy!