Friday, September 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

I just arrived home last night and it’s strange. Everything is familiar yet different. I woke up at 5am this morning and just looked through old photos and set up my desktop computer.

I had a looooong, delayed, 12-hour flight yesterday (it stopped to pick up more people in Manchester). When we were about to land in Vancouver, I could see the Pacific Ocean and some islands out the window and a wave of patriotism hit me and I was proud to be back in Canada, “my home and native land,” lol. The Vancouver Airport was really nice too; It must’ve gotten a facelift in preparation for the Olympics. I had a Tim Horton’s coffee while waiting around; oh how I missed it, it’s so classically Canadian!

I was planning on taking a shuttle bus to the ferry terminal to catch the 9pm ferry but I missed it. I had been waiting for it for over an hour too! I didn’t pay enough attention to the time I guess (I’m going to blame it on the lack of sleep, ya, that’s it, lack of sleep). Anywho, I grabbed a taxi instead and 20mins and $60 later I got to the terminal with plenty of time to spare.

My daddy and brother met me at Swartz Bay (my mom couldn’t, she’s in Seattle and Tony had to get up super early for school). When I got home, it was so fun to see it again and to see my car and cat! He is so huge compared to my Greek kitty. Before the trip, I thought he was big but in a good way, now, I see that he is just plain obese (Tony was right) and I want to put him on a diet!

It kind of feels like luxury having a bunch of TV channels and internet right at my fingertips. I’m also loving my nice, big, warm, comfy bed. I’ll be living at home for a while to save some money and wait for my bro to finish a bunch of Paramedic’s tests; then we’ll move out together.

Today, I have to do a bunch of practical things like getting my car insured and tuned up, unpacking, buying things that I need, getting over jetlag, and just driving around and getting used to everything again. I'm happy to be home!


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