Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Oh, how I love London! Shopping in countless great stores, seeing fashionable people everywhere, going for a walk through the beautiful areas, staying in my cute ex-flat, and to top it off, the weather is quite nice and warmer than Prague. I’m glad I got to stay here for the last part of my time away!

I got caught up with Gareth and met his new flatmate, Andy. They are both so easy to get along with. It’s been nice to watch TV in English too. I almost forgot about those home decorating shows; It was fun watching the House Doctor!

Yesterday and today have been mainly shopping days. Yes, it’s sad, I haven’t done any sight seeing, except if you count Oxford Street and the inside of Top Shop, H&M, Selfridges, and many other great stores... I wanted to buy a few last things before I head home since it’s a more fun to shop over here than back home in Victoria.

Yesterday, I browsed along Oxford Street and went to a 5:30 Hillsong Church service. It was nice to be back there again; Hillsong is a lot of fun!

Today, I bought a few things: a cute and unique aqua-blue peacoat, nice black leather boots, a belt, and little black sweater. I had my favorite tomato and motza breadless sandwich at Pret for lunch. And, after a long day of running around the shops, I had a latte and walked through Primrose Hill on the way home right as the sun was going down; So beautiful! I love walking through Primrose Hill and Belsize Park; such a nice area.

I haven’t taken many photos so far of London, just of Primrose Hill above. Below, are some photos from Prague of some of the cool architecture. I love how whimsical and different the buildings are.

Only a few days till I go home; I’m looking forward to many things: seeing family and friends, starting up work, not being in a long distance relationship, seeing Victoria again, driving my car (I hope I remember how to, lol!)…


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CaliforniaKat said...

I enjoyed these photos of Prague. Ten years ago when I was there, it was winter so all of my photos have snow and are a bit dreary. Such a different view you've shown me! Thanks :)