Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Leaving Soon

The time is coming very soon when I’ll be heading back home to Canada. Tony and Sofia leave on Sunday. I leave Paros in about 2 weeks, on the 9th. I’ll then fly to Prague for 5 days and then London. Finally, I’ll fly back to Victoria on the 20th. I had to fit one last trip in before I came home of course!!

I’m starting to go through all my stuff and sort out what I want to take back and leave here. Luckily, Tony is able to take some stuff back for me. I can’t believe I came over to Europe with just a backpack and a laptop bag; now I have a ton of clothes and shoes and knickknacks that I really want to bring back but it has to somehow fit into the same backpack and the extra into Tony’s bag. I’ll have to part ways with a lot of stuff! I’ve also weaned my kitty out of my place and he is now used to being an outside kitty. Tony’s parent’s feed him so when I leave he won’t be in shock. He’ll be fine.

I’m getting excited about coming home. A month or two ago, I had mixed feelings but I think I’m ready now. I’m looking forward to starting a new phase of life. In this new phase, I want to grow up and focus more on preparing for the future. I want to kick start my career, save and invest, move out, and start a more adult life. Before moving away to Europe, I didn’t think too much about the future, I just had no clue as to what I wanted to do. Mainly, I just wanted an adventure and to move away and do something out of the ordinary. Now that I’ve done that, it seems to be out of my system and I now have a better idea of what I want in the future. No doubt, I’ll still travel; but actually getting up and moving away is a different story.

Fires: I haven’t mentioned the horrible fires that are going on here. I didn’t really realize how bad it had gotten until recently (it’s on almost every channel here all the time but I can’t understand the News, you see) and I think that you all have probably heard about it. It’s been declared a state of emergency and has been the worst fires in decades. Over 50 people have died so far. It’s on the mainland so the islands are safe thank goodness. Pray for it to stop and for the people it’s affecting.



Tricia said...

Hi Michelle. You have had quite an adventure over there and everywhere else. Just to let you know the "Greek Festival" is happening this weekend, and instead of the proceeds going to their church, they are putting them towards the fire releif in Greece.

see you soon

Travel Girl said...

Ya, I heard that the Greek Festival was happening soon. I didn't know all the money would go to the fires though. That's great! They really really need it! Are you going?