Monday, August 27, 2007

Road Rash

Yesterday, Tony and I got in a bit of an accident and don’t worry, it wasn’t a bad one! We were on my motorbike and someone in a car backed up right in front of us into the middle of the road. We weren’t going fast, actually the opposite, but there wasn’t enough time to stop and no room to go around the car. The bike fell and we fell with it. We got a few scrapes but other than that, we’re fine. The bike is ok too and still runs fine; nothing was broken on it, the front light just got pushed in a little. So we consider ourselves lucky! It could’ve been a lot worse if we were going fast. Anywho, the guy driving the car is to blame and he knows it and my bike will get fixed today. I’m a little sore from the scrapes but that’s about it!

What else? On Friday night a bunch of people came over for dinner. It was like a “bye Tony and Sofia” evening since they are both leaving in less than a week to go back to Victoria. We had a lot to eat like roasted lamb, chicken, and my favorite, kokoretsi! We also went out for some dancing on Saturday night. Some of Tony’s friends and cousins were there so it was nice to go out one last time before we head back to Canada!


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