Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Driving Around

It’s been a busy week working mornings and evenings. My boss Yiannis and I have been driving around the island handing out island directories to all the businesses. It’s nice to see towns and inside cafes and shops I haven’t been to before but it’s quite hot so it’s hard work lugging all the books around. We usually stop for a few hours during the day because it’s too hot. Yiannis’ wife Maria sometimes helps and he also has a friend from Athens to help too. Here are a few pics from different areas around the island:

I had a second kiteboarding lesson a few days ago and went for others but it ended up not being windy enough or too busy. I like it though and I hope to take more lessons and actually get on the board one day.

On Monday, I went for a kite lesson but there was no wind, so instead, I ended up going for a swim with a friend. We decided to swim from Paros to the neighboring island of Antiparos! People though we were crazy but it was fun and we did it without drowning. It took about 45mins and is about 2miles. We didn’t want to swim back so we walked from the beach to the port and took the ferry back with the 10 euro bill I had stuck in my bikini top just in case, lol! It was funny walking onto the ferry with bare feet and in our bathing suits; either people figured out that we had swum there and were heading back or they just though we were nut jobs (probably the latter). Here are two pics of the kiteboarding place with Antiparos in the background.

Yesterday was my 26th birthday and didn’t do too much. I didn’t care about it this year at all. I’m looking too forward to my Barcelona trip (leaving tomorrow) and Tony’s homecoming from the Army. It was nice though; we handed out books on Antiparos and stopped to have a nice lunch on the water. Yiannis gave me the evening off so I headed to the beach and relaxed. In the evening, I hung out upstairs for a bit with Linda and Markos and I also rented a movie and bought a Mars bar – can’t beat chocolate, tea, and a movie! It was a good day.

I leave on the 10:45am ferry for Athens tomorrow and catch the plane for Barcelona very late at night so I’ll hang out in Athens for most of the day. This’ll be my last post till I’m in Barcelona. I’m really looking forward to it and the plane ride (I really like them for some reason). Anywho, I’ll most likely post pics after I come back but I’ll try to let everyone know what's going on there in the next week.

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