Friday, August 24, 2007


On Tues, Tony had to leave in the evening for Syros. He had go to the hospital there and get doctor signatures to say that he was in good health in order to finish getting a certificate which lets him teach English. We planned to go together for another mini-trip.

On Tuesday afternoon though, Tony got something in his eye that wouldn’t go away. We tried eye drops and splashing water in it; nothing worked and I couldn’t see anything in there. He went to the hospital and they poured more stuff in his eye which seemed to work but in a few hours it was as painful as ever. He went back but they said that his eye just thought it had something in it when it really didn’t. Tony was not amused.

We went to Syros anyways that evening hoping it would get better but it didn't. We found our little pension and the next day woke up early to head to the hospital. We had to go to many different departments to collect 9 signatures. It took about 4 hours. Tony was able to get in to see an eye doctor during that time. They numbed his eye and dug the sucker out, whatever it was. So he had to wear a patch for the rest of the day. When the numbing wore off it was very painful so I was his seeing-eye girlfriend for most of the day.

We stopped at Mykonos on the way back but just stayed in the port and had a snack since we were both exhausted. It’s all better now though and the patch is off!


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