Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I’ve been lazy at posting lately. I haven’t taken many pics either – oops! Here are few that I took: Punda Beach, the waves at Parasporos, and a view toward Parikia.

At work, we are waiting for the island directory books that we made to arrive from the printers in Athens. Once they arrive, my boss Yiannis and I will spend a few days driving around the island and dropping them off in every cafe and company on the island! That’ll be a nice change from sitting at the computer.

I think there is another heat wave going on. It’s soooooo hot!!! The beach is the only place to go after work because it’s too hot to do anything else. There are forest fires all over Greece right now too. I’m actually looking forward to rain and cold in Vic now (and once I’m in the rain and cold I’ll regret ever saying that!)

I’ve been hitting the gym a lot lately. It feels good afterwards. Although today, I’m not going; the air-conditioning isn’t on very high there so it gets very hot and not very fun to workout in.

The family that lives in the suite next to mine found a little kitten in the motor of a tractor and brought it home a little while ago. It was so tiny – about 4 weeks old. Now, it’s an outside kitten and my cat plays with it. There is another strange black cat that visits mine at night and they always fight. Sometimes I wake up to cats screeching so loud that it freaks me out! Pretty soon, I’ll have to start weaning my kitty to be a full-time outside cat because, when I’m gone, he’ll be outside all the time.

I’m looking forward to my Barcelona trip next week! I leave on the ferry on Aug 2 and come back Aug 8. Tony has only 16 more days left on the Army too! I remember us saying earlier in the year “can you imagine when there are only a few week’s left?” We couldn’t imagine it and now the end is almost here and he’ll be free again!


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