Monday, July 02, 2007

My Greek Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of being in Greece. Who knew that last year when I first arrived at Paros that I’d end up staying here this whole year! I’m glad I did.

The heat wave is finally over; Yesterday was the first time it actually felt refreshing outside because there was a nice cool breeze.

I had the whole weekend off and we did a lot. On Friday night Tony and I went out dancing with Manolis and Annie in Naoussa and had a good time till almost 5am. On Saturday, we went to a baptism (one of Markos’ work friends). On Sunday, we went to Parosporos (a beach known for its big waves when the wind picks up – so fun!) and then to Tony’s grandparent’s for dinner.

Tony leaves on Wed and his sister Sofia arrives from Canada on Tues or Wed for the summer. Linda has been in London the past week with some of her students and she comes home on Tues too.

Here are a few pics of Tony and I having coffee after the baptism and Markos and Tony checking out a homemade wind generator which Markos wants to make.


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iamyuva said...

i recently past that milestone too..;~)

heat wave is over for now.. i think. it being worst summer sun.