Friday, July 06, 2007

Trips Coming Out of My Ears

First off, Tony left yesterday so I have “missing my Tones shock" syndrome which I suffer from for a few days after he leaves for the Army - everytime. That was the last send off though! Next time I see him, he’ll be done for good! Here are a few silly pics from a visit to Molos beach where you can cover yourself with a full body mudmask. We took it a step further by adding a layer of pebbles and lying on the warm sand. Can’t tell where the sand ends and the person begins.

Now these pics are special. Tony decided to become a hairdresser for a while. What beautiful hair creations he can make! Hee hee…uuh..

OK, now, in other news, I finally figured out and booked flights for my remaining trips, which is nice so I won’t have to worry about doing it later. So this is what I’ll be up to the next few months till I come home in Sept:
- Aug 3-7: Barcelona
- Aug 10: Tony’s finished the Army (whoot!)
- Aug 17 – 20: Santorini with Tony and maybe friends Manolis and Annie
- Sept10: leave my Greek home for Prague
- Sept 15: leave Prague for London
- Sept 20: leave London and arrive back home in good ol’ Vic.

Sounds like a plan to me! I’m excited but time seems to be flying by. I can’t believe it’s July already. I have mixed feelings about going back home; I’ll be happy to see everyone again and be in the same city as Tony and get my own place, a new job, and start a new phase of life but I’ll miss so many things from here like my kitty, Tony’s family, the weather and lifestyle…and lots more… It’ll be an interesting couple of months that’s for sure!



Melissa said...

Tony totally doesn't look like the faux-hairdresser type--especially in the pic where he's posing with you all serious and stern.

That sand photo is so cool! Definitely print-worthy.

I do hope you will continue to blog after your trip to time abroad is done. It will be interesting to hear about how you fit back in to regular life.

Travel Girl said...

It's funny that Tony looks so serious in most of his pictures; he's so not the serious, stern type of guy. Oh well!

I wasn't sure what I'd do with this blog once I get home but maybe I will keep it up. I'm sure I won't post as often though!