Thursday, June 28, 2007

It’s Still Hot

Here are a few observations on the heat lately. It’s ridiculously hot but I’d rather have it like this than rainy or cold so I can’t complain (too much!)

-Right now I’m at work and my back and butt are sticking to my chair
-I have a piece of cardboard on my desk to use as a fan
-I burn my butt every time I sit on my black motorbike seat
-riding the motorbike is like riding into a blowtorch flame
-you break into a sweat even when standing in the shade
-inside the house is about 35 degrees
-outside, it’s reached into the 40’s
-people have died in Athens because of the heat
-you can’t do anything to feel cool or refreshed besides swimming
- cold showers are a must (or at least lukewarm because I have no cold water)
-can’t sleep with anything on top, sheets are too hot
-I have to keep my hair up all the time because it’ll just stick to my neck (nice)

What else? I’ve been working from 8-2 and then about 6-9 so it’s been pretty busy. In-between the 2 shifts, Tones and I head to the beaches. Too bad I have to work double shifts while Tony is here. He leaves on Wed and I think next week my work will be back to normal hours

….oh I just found out I only have to work till 2 today and that’s it! My bosses are the best! More “Tony time” for me, lol!



Melissa said...

I guess they don't have much air conditioning over there, huh? I could not live without it!

Travel Girl said...

Well, there is air-conditioning in most places, just not at my house and work unfortunately!

Actually, in Athens, the electricity consumption has been so high lately because of air conditioners being used, that some power failure occurred and people where sent home from work to help lower the power usage!