Monday, June 04, 2007

Mykonos Weekend

Our weekend trip to Mykonos seemed longer than just one night and it was fun! When we arrived at Paradise Beach Hotel, we checked in and were shown to our little wooden beach hut or shack. The area is like a big commune with huts, tents, rooms, camping space, cafes, bars, and a market. It was a perfect cheap place to stay for a night. Our hut was very small with two little beds and a night stand in-between. There was a communal bathroom with showers a short walk away.

As soon as we dropped our stuff off, we walked the 100m to the beach. Soooooo, nice! We spent the day just sun tanning, swimming, people watching, and we ordered frappes and gyros. Along the beach are a few cafes, bars, and a beach shop. Part of the beach seemed to be dedicated to naked people who happened to all be over 60, so we tried to not look in that direction! There were jet skis and things like that to rent but they were expensive; about €30 for 15 mins, no thanks!

Later in the day, we took a bus into Mykonos Town and looked around the market streets and stopped in a little cafe for a drink and some yummy crepes.

In the evening we wanted to go out and see what the night life was like so we had a nap, woke up at 1ish and walked 10mins to a nearby club right on a cliff overlooking the water. When we got there, it was pretty dead. We stayed till about 3:30am and there were more people but no one was dancing so we left. When I woke up, I could still hear the music pumping till about 8am! We talked to some others and apparently, it did get busy but the peak time was at about 6am, not exactly what we’re used to! We’ll know better for next time!

Oh also, at night when I was trying to sleep, I could hear the buzzing of mosquitoes around my head so I had to pull the sheet completely over my head. There was a space between the door and the floor so that's probably how they got in.

On Sunday, we had our free breakfast at one of the beachfront cafes and relaxed on the beach till we had to catch the bus back into town and to the port. We met a bunch of Canadians on the way back who were on the same ferry as us. Some were even from Naniamo and Vancouver (usually the Canadians I meet are from the east side of Canada).

And that was that! Short but sweet. Mykonos is definitely a nice island and a lot of fun. I’m back at work now and Paul just left for Santorini this morning. He’ll be back probably Wednesday sometime. I can hardly wait to go home today and CLEAN! It’s so messy in there! My place isn’t made for more than one person, it’s just too small and there isn’t much storage space. Also, Markos gave me a whole bag-full of veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini), a bucket of potatoes, and a ton of eggs all from the property so I’m going to make some good eats. I’ve eaten like a pig the past week because Paul buys chips and things that I don’t usually have around and we’ve gone out for crepes and souvlaki - no more, now I'll try to finish the bag of veggies before they go bad.

I guess that’s it for now. I haven’t heard from my parents about their trip; they won’t email till they get home. I think they are probably near San Remo?


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