Monday, June 11, 2007

Work and Beach

Paul left last week on Wednesday. He went to Santorini for two nights and loved it. He should be in London now. My parents are in San Remo right now and are heading to their England part of the trip soon. I’ve cleaned-up my place and it’s back to normal here again. It seemed like their visit just flew by! I’ll see them again in a few months though when I come home.

Lately it’s been very busy at work; I have a ton of jobs to do! I didn’t get a full weekend, I worked most of Sat. But yesterday was a great day full of relaxation, sun, and sea.

My boss Michalis invited me to come on his boat with his wife, daughter, and sister (visiting from Athens). I met them around noon at a port in town and we hopped on their little boat and headed to a beach called Krios. A new cafe was built their which just opened and they know the owner, so they wanted to see it. It was very nice! There were tables and chairs on the little concrete dock and it was covered in a straw roof.

We lazed around on the beach chairs and went swimming – soooo refreshing! We played some volleyball in the water and I got a nice tan! After a few hours of the beach, we had lunch at the cafe. It was really good food; it just took awhile because it was only the second day the kitchen was open.

When we were about to leave, a huge sail boat came into the harbour, so we did a circle around it to see it up close and headed back. Below: one of my bosses (Michalis) with his sister on the left and wife Natasha on the right, me and their daughter checking out the sailboat.

I really want to see Tony. It’s been over a month and a half since he’s been here and it may be another month till he can come! :( Today, he has exactly 2 months left, though, not too bad! He’s still based on Samos and last week he was transferred to a different town to work in an Army restaurant. Everyone wants to work there because it’s slack and you get good food, your own room, and lots of time off. He likes it better than the base but it gets boring. It’ll be soooooo great when he’s done and finished with it!

Oh, one last little thing. I took a pic of my fridge because I thought it was kinda funny. Markos has given me a bunch of fresh produce from the garden and a ton of eggs! (there is also a bucket of potatoes not pictured). So I'm eating really healthy right now and notice that I have a bunch of energy too! I'm going to keep eating a ton of veggies, energy is good.



Yuva said...

thatz great.. you can consider photo sharing at @ flickrs


Melissa said...

Is that a GIANT avocado??!! Wowsers! I luuuuuv avocados...I bet they're super tasty straight from the tree.

And I noticed that some of the eggs are larger than others...are they all from chickens, or are some from geese or something?