Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Everyone's Wearing Helmets

Pretty recently, there have been new laws passed about helmet usage here. Now, if you get caught without a helmet, you get a fine of over 300euro and the second time it happens, you get your license suspended; yikes! This past week, I have never seen so many people wearing helmets as they are now; which is a good thing especially since it’s getting busier. I mainly wore my helmet to keep me warm in winter but now I wear it most of the time. I’m not looking forward to when it gets ridiculously hot out though and having to bring it to the beach and carry it around; annoying! Oh well, I’d rather do that, than get a hefty fine I guess.



Yuva said...

yapp.. and another good news-- some parking restrictions/fines is coming in kolanaki.. hope that has similar results..


Melissa said...

>I’d rather do that,
>than get a hefty fine I guess

...Or a gaping head wound!