Monday, May 08, 2006


Today wasn't too exciting, I had to do a bunch of errands. I got a young person's rail card which means I can get 1/3 off on train trips around the UK. I also looked up flights around Europe and Ryanair has some crazy deals; There were flights for less than 1 pound to Salzburg and other neat places! (there are fees of course, but they are never more than 15 pounds and you also have to book 2 weeks in advance) Still, that is amazing, so I may have to take them up on the offer! I just have to decide where I want to go...

I also have a job interview tomorrow at a pub in Hampstead Heath. I just phoned them from an ad I saw. They know I just want part-time and that I'm leaving for the summer, so we'll see how that goes. It wouldn't be too bad, I just don't want to work lots of evenings! Now I'm eating pasta and going to watch some TV.

Above, houses near Hampstead Heath with the city in the background.


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