Friday, May 12, 2006

First Day (and last?) at the Pub

I started my new job today at a pub. I worked 12-6 and in the first couple hours I wanted to quit! Lol! I didn’t get trained much (because it was busy) and I hate not knowing where things are and what to do. I basically had to jump right in and start running food and clearing tables. It was quite stressful since there was me and one other guy (who helped me a bit but he was busy in the bar too). Sometimes the orders would get messed up or people would move to different tables (and there are about 80 tables)! It was also very exhausting because it was hot out today and I had to run around collecting glasses, clearing plates (heavy plates), setting tables, bringing the food out, and checking on everyone on top of not knowing much of anything about the pub! I hate the feeling of being over your head with stuff to do and you just can’t do it all; I like feeling organized and on top of everything but I sure wasn’t!

Later in the day I had my 20min break and got a free meal (I tried the ploughman’s breakfast) and others who work there started to show up and they all seem really nice. They are from all over: Italy, Denmark, Czech. Republic, Australia… Near the end of my shift it was quieter and it was fine. So I didn’t end up quitting, I decided to give it another shot. My next shift is on Monday. I made a little list of the pros and cons to decide what I should do:

Cons: stressful, exhausting, under staffed, I don’t know where things are and what to do in certain situations (but I’ll learn), the pay isn’t good, have to pick up dirty dishes (eew)…

Pros: the people are nice, it’s flexible and I can ask for time off to travel, they know I’m leaving at the end of June and still hired me, I have Sunday’s off, it’s only for another 1.5 months, I get to work outside as there is a huge patio, I’ll get a workout every shift, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it…

Well now I’m at home and I’m going to make some dinner and collapse on the couch and watch some telly!


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