Sunday, May 28, 2006

Random Update

I'm posting less now because there hasn't been too much interesting to post! I've been working more and even though I wanted part-time, next week I'm working 5 days and most of them are double shifts! It's actually ok because the week after I'll be in Venice!! That'll be my reward. I'm getting used to the job more too. I bartend most of the time and I pretty much know what I'm doing now, most of the time! People always ask me where I'm from, most think America but the odd person has said I have a strong Canadian accent as opposed to American (I didn't know there was much difference!). There are also a group of regulars that come in at 5:00 everyday and have been doing so for about 20 years! One of them used to be a TV show host and now does radio, he's really nice. There is one thing I hate about the job and it's that I smell like smoke afterwards! It's really gross, it gets in my hair and clothes. I definitely won't miss that!

I have also had a Greek tutor come over a few times. It's one thing to read it but it's completely different to speak and hear it! My tutor Maria comes over once a week for an hour. I'm still a total beginner but I hope in the summer I'll pick it up more!

What else? I'm pretty much over a cold that I had for a few days. It wasn't a bad one, just annoying. We've also had a construction worker over last week fixing some water damage in the dining room. He still has a few days left to work on it and it'll be nice once it's done so we can clean the place! It's dusty!

Today I went to Hillsong church in the morning and did a bit of shopping on Oxford Street after. I got sick of the crowds so I bought a chicken pasta salad and ate it in Hyde Park near Speaker's Corner. There was this cute little boy about 2 years old; he kept coming up to me while I was sitting on the grass. He had the hugest dark eyes, curly black hair, and was always smiling - sooo cute! I wanted to put him in my bag and take him home! Below is a pic of the crowds at Speaker's Corner and one of Hyde Park (the cute little boy on the right side).

Now I'm home and I have to clean my room but I don't want too! I can't see the ground though, so maybe I should. I'll try to post when I can, but this week will be busy with work.


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