Monday, May 01, 2006

Bank Holiday

This morning I couldn't go for a run, my legs are so sore from running and exercises so I gave them a break today. They are out of shape... That'll change.

Today ended up being pretty nice out. I went for a walk through Primrose Hill; The park in Primrose Hill was full of people relaxing in the sun on the grass, since it's a holiday today. From there I made my way to Camden Market. I bought a few things; I found this arts and crafts store which sells art supplies for very cheap! It's usually quite pricy to by supplies, so I'm glad I found this place. I bought a bigger sketch book and some pencil crayons.

After a few hours walking to, through, and back from the market I went home and studied Greek and read a bit. For dinner I made up the rest of my weisswurst. Now I'm going to have tea and pastry which Garreth brought home! mmmm!


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