Wednesday, May 24, 2006

British Museum

I was dreading today (May 23) because I was scheduled to work for an 11 hour split shift (2 halves with an hour break in between). The first half was an on-call shift which means I have to check whether I go in or not (depends on the weather: if it's good weather it's busier and your more likely to have to work). I was hoping it would be crappy weather like it has been all week so I wouldn’t have to go in for the first half. It ended up being kinda sunny though so I knew I'd probably have to do the whole 11 hours. I phoned anyways to make sure and they decided I didn't have to go in! I was sooooo happy!!! So instead of starting at 12, I started at 5:00.

I had a couple hours to kill. Gareth and Phillip headed to a pub so I said bye to Phillip since he was going back to Germany today. I have a cold right now so I wouldn't have minded staying home and vegging but there are construction workers in our flat today fixing a bit of water damage, so I just wanted to get out!

I went to the British Museum and it was really cool. I spent a couple hours looking around at the Ancient Greek and Roman artifacts and sculptures. I didn't see the whole museum since there is sooo much stuff and I was cold the whole time because I'm sick and the weather is like winter! I'll definitely go back to look at the rest! Maybe tomorrow on my day off if I feel normal.

Oh ya, and today Gareth got a call from his work saying that he gets to go to the filming location of Harry Potter 5 tomorrow. That's kinda cool, so I'm going to let him borrow my camera (if he's even allowed to take pics!)

The Rosetta Stone
Samurai Warrior Mask


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Melissa said...

Looks like you do a lot of posting after midnight, like me, so I thought I'd share this sneaky trick I learned: Before you click "Publish Post," click on "Post and Comment Options" at the bottom of the writing box. You'll be able to manually change the date and time of your post there.