Wednesday, May 17, 2006

One of Those Days!

(May 16)
Well today was my day off and it was supposed to be relaxing but it didn't turn out that way! I wanted to book the flights to Greece today for Tony and I but it ended up taking allll morning! I had to book 2 flights (London - Athens and Athens - Paros) but the airline website for the Athens - Paros flight kept timing out and I had to try it over and over again to check the flight times/prices not to mention booking them! (I also had to enter all my booking info a few times, till it actually went through!) I wanted to throw my laptop out the window! (because that'll fix the problem! :p )

Earlier, I had said that I'd bake a carrot cake for my flatmate Gareth since he had to bring it to work the next day but had no time to make it; I thought it would be fun to bake something, which I never do! I went out and bought some ingredients and came home. There was one other thing I needed so I went out again to get it and forgot my keys in the flat; so basically I locked myself out! (The door locks automatically when it is shut). So I had to go all the way to Gareth's work (half hour bus ride) pick up his keys and went home again, picking up the ingredient on the way. When I was ready to mix the dry ingredients I forgot I had to pick up a sieve too! So I went out again and couldn't find a sieve (the shops around here are small). I bought a biggish tea strainer instead! Luckily it worked, it just took forever to sift!

By this point, it was getting time for me to leave for bible study and Gareth came home and finished it thank goodness!

The rest of the evening was good! Went to bible study in Tottenham Court and had to drink 2 coffees to feel normal after the frustrating day I had! Well I booked the Greece tickets (leave here on July 2) and the cake got finished, so I'm glad that's all taken care of! I have my first evening shift tomorrow till 11:30, I have a feeling it'll be slow since an important football (soccer) game is on in the evening and our pub has no TV. Slow is good, but we'll see!

The finished product! mmm!


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