Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well the last few days have been pretty busy! I've been working quite a bit, our friend Phillip came over on Thurs night, and on Friday night (May19) my flatmate Gareth threw a party at a pub called Masque. It was fun! about 40 people showed up and I met a bunch of Gareth's friends and his sister. The venue was nice, it had a dance floor and it was on the second floor with windows all around. It was nice to put faces to people that I had heard about!

After the party a couple of Gareth's friends stayed over since they were from out of town. So in the morning we all had a huge breakfast with eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, beans, and waffles! Throughout the day Gareth's friends left and I had to go to work from 4-10:30 but had to stay an extra half hour because it was busy. I was so glad to get home and just relax!

Today I went to Hillsong church in the morning. I met up with some people from church for coffee before because I was thinking of helping out as a host. I probably won't do it till after Greece though since it takes a few weeks to finish training for it.

Now I have the place to myself because Phillip and Gareth are out at a pub. Tonight we might go out for a bite to eat (or tomorrow for lunch, not sure). I finally have pics of Gareth (whom I'm staying with).

I'll probably post less often now that I've started working more. I'll keep it going though!

Me, Helle, Phillip
Gareth and Phillip
Me and Gareth


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