Saturday, May 06, 2006


(this is for May 5 by the way) Today turned out to be really nice as well! In the morning I walked up to Hampstead and dropped off the movie and bought a book since I planned on going for a picnic today and needed an easy reading book.

Next, I headed for Hyde Park but I decided to go to Green Park instead; It’s next to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. It’s very beautiful as the pictures show. There were people sitting in the grass everywhere, so I just plunked down in a sunny area with my book, Greek salad, and mini wine. It was so nice just to relax in the warm sun with bare feet! A few clouds eventually started to come in so I packed up and headed back home. My Oyster Card expired today (my monthy bus pass is on it) so I had to renew that before I could leave on the bus.

The other night at bible study I was invited out to a club called Capisce in Mayfair tonight. I got there at about 8:30 and saw a few people that I had met the other night. At one point I was chatting to three Allison’s: one from Australia, South Africa, and Canada (Ottawa). After chatting for a while to a few people I danced until about 11:30 and I had to leave before the night buses started up since the bus routes change at 12:00. I’m very tired now and have to go to bed!


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