Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well, today was great! (by the way it's for May 3; I finished the entry after midnight)I decided to leave London for a day and head for the south coast to Brighton. In the morning, though, I finally got a pic of some of the horses that trot up my road every week!

I left on the train around 10:30am and it was about an hour long ride. When I arrived I had no map and didn't see any maps in the station so I just stared walking. Luckily it's a hilly city and the station is near the top of a hill so I could see the ocean from there and just walked in that direction. It was a beautiful day today! Very sunny and there was no need of a jacket (the first day that has happened for me here)! I ended up at the beach and walked along the water to the Brighton Pier. There are a bunch of rides, an arcade, and food stalls along the pier. I bought some fresh from the sea mussels for a snack!

After the Pier, I headed to the Royal Pavilion. It's an elaborate palace surrounded by parks. It looks out of place in England because of the style of architecture. I took a tour of it and snuck a pic of the dining room! There was also a tea room in the palace where I had some tea and a scone with clotted cream and jam! Soooooo good! It melted in my mouth! My seat was looking out of the palace onto a nice park full of trees, I felt like a princess having her high tea over looking the palace grounds!

Next, I walked through "The Lanes" area and a few streets in the "North Laine" area. There were a bunch of lanes just for pedestrians, full of cute shops and cafes. Some of the roads reminded me of San Francisco just because they were hilly and by the water I guess!

I looped around back to the ocean again. I love it! I missed the ocean and seagull atmosphere, so it was nice! Especially in the sun! This framework of a pier below used to be the nicest pier in the city but it was burned down and it'll cost about 40,000,000 pounds to get rebuilt. They may put up a 600 foot glass tower instead (so people can take a ride to the top for a view; kinda like a London Eye idea).

After a final look at the ocean I walked through the Montpelier section and stopped at a Spanish restaurant for a few tapas and headed to the train by 8:00. I got home at 9:30ish. Now I'm going to bed!!


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