Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Flight to Venice

I had a really good day today! I started off with Hillsong Church. I might sign up to be part of the host group (they are the people that greet people and help out) It was, fun as usual, and afterwards I got invited out for lunch with a couple from New Zealand that I had met at bible study. They had some friends from Canada with them so we all went to lunch together at a pizza restaurant. It was very good! I had Sicilian pizza with anchovies, olives, prosciutto, motza, and artichokes. All my favorite toppings! Out of the other Canadians that were there, 2 were from Victoria (mother and daughter) I didn't recognize them though and the other 2 were a married couple from Toronto. After lunch I had some tea at Starbucks and studied Greek for an hour or two.

When I got home I felt like booking a flight somewhere! I saw some great deals through Ryanair so I thought "just do it! Book a flight to anywhere!" So I picked Venice!! I haven’t seen much of Italy yet and I've always wanted to see Venice! There were flights for as low as 0.38p (!!!) but they were either super early or super late which would cost more in the end anyways because I'd have to take a taxi to the train station since the tubes don't run and the bus would take forever. So I decided on daytime flights that aren’t as cheap as 0.38p but it's still considered cheap: 25 pounds there and 20 pounds back. So I leave on Mon, June 5 and come back Thurs, June 8. I'm excited! I don't know any Italian though, so I'll have to learn some basics and I'll have to read up on Venice since it's very spur of the moment and I don't know too much about the city yet...but I will! It'll be a good chance to learn a bit of the language and to learn more about Italy! Yay!

M PS: Happy Mother's Day mum!!!

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Melissa said...

Venice is my favorite city in Italy. You are going to love it! It's not the type of place where there are a zillion things to do and see (like Rome or Florence). You can basically see everything in one or two days. The rest of the time is for wandering around, getting "lost" in all the tiny side streets and discovering quiet canals. If you're looking for a good guide book, I highly recommend Rick Steve's. He rocks!