Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happy at Hampstead Heath

The past few days have been busy with work. Yesterday was a 14 hour shift! It was the first sunny warm day in weeks so everyone in London, it seems, came out to our pub to sit in the beautiful beer garden. It was insane! Eventually some food orders were taking 2 hours to get to the tables because it was so over whelming! So I had a fun time talking to customers who weren’t happy! But I’m quite good at charming disgruntled customers and making them not as hostile in the end. I’m glad that day is over but it went by pretty fast and now I have a week off and I’m leaving for Venice tomorrow for 4 days!!! Yay! Below is a pic of the pub I work at, I took it sitting at the bus stop waiting to go home.

Today I ended up not going to church because I was just too tired from yesterday and I had stuff to do today and didn’t feel like going into town. I reconfirmed my flight and accommodation and headed out since it was a nice warm sunny day today which is so rare! I walked to Belsize Park village and had a frappuccino at an outside table at Starbucks and studied Greek. Below is a pic of where I was sitting, my flat is about a 2 min walk down the road on the right side. After the coffee I picked up some snacks for my trip and headed home to drop them off.

Next I felt like checking out Hampstead Heath since it’s a huge park and I walk by it every time I go to work but have never been in it! It was soooooo beautiful! It’s full of trees, small lakes, rolling hills, wide open spaces, and has a big mansion in the northern part called Kenwood House. I walked all around and had a seat in the grass in front of Kenwood House and had an apple along with the other hundreds of people that were enjoying the rare sunshine. Here are some pics below of the Heath.

On my way back I took some pics of Hampstead; such a nice area!!! The first pic is the road I live on but it's about a 15 min walk up the road, I walk up that hill on my way to work.

Now I have to pack and look up more Venice stuff and take a look at my Italian phrasebook, so I know what I’m doing once I’m there! I’m not sure how often I’ll be on the internet while I’m there so I might just save my pics till I get back and post a bunch! I get back Thurs evening.


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