Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spa Day

Yesterday was a great day! When I first moved here I bought this voucher for a few beauty treatments at 2 places. I don’t usually treat myself like that (it’s more of a luxury I just don’t bother with). But I bought it anyways just because at the time I was all new to London and thought “why not! I’m a big city girl now, I should try out this pampering thing”. The voucher included a hair cut, style, and deep conditioning (usually costing 60 pounds) at Jordan Burr and a facial and massage at Sharmi Joseph (usually costing a little over 100 pounds!). I can also go back for a second visit to both for different treatments but I don’t have much time left here before I leave for Greece (maybe when I come back). It also includes a day at “The Studio” where you go to get professional photos done and they’ll give you champagne, do your makeup, give you a facial and manicure. I haven’t booked that yet and I’m not sure I will before the trip but we’ll see, I have a bit more of a reason to do it now…I’ll tell why in a bit.

Anyways….you know what the voucher is for now. Well I booked the hair cut and the facial/massage a few weeks ago to be on the same day so I could have a nice spa day! It was so great. I got my hair done at 11:00 and just got a trim since I like my hair long and now it looks so much healthier and feels soooo soft! Then I had a bit of time to kill till my next appointment, so I had a bite to eat and looked around in the stores on Oxford Street. Then at 2:00 I got my facial and massage. I almost fell asleep on the table! I felt so good after! And my skin and hair were so soft, I couldn’t stop touching it! Lol!

I planned on going to bible study and it wasn’t till 7ish, so I browsed and studied Greek for a few hours at Starbucks. I ran into my friend Will (he’s one of the teachers at bible study) and barely even recognized him because he shaved off his hair (he had a headful of hair). I had missed the last 2 bible studies because I was either working or in Venice, so it was nice to see familiar faces again.

Oh and got a phone call today from one of the model scouts I ran into recently and found out I got accepted into this online model and talent directory . It’s sort of like an agency but they don’t take commission they make their money from the clients who post ads on their site. It’s cool because you can work as much or as little as you like. You get jobs three ways: Either a client goes through the directory and picks who they want to work with, or Zebra Management will recommend certain people for a job, or they also have job posting just for the members to look through, so you can apply to any of those. The jobs range from extras in film/TV/music videos to model print work/fashion shows and promotions. I think I’d mostly be interested in the extra work and fashion shows. So we’ll see, I won’t do much with it till I come back from Greece, but it might be a fun job to have for when I get back.

Now today I have to work but not till 1:00 so I’m going to go for a walk I think and study some more Greek (my tutor likes to test me and I want to be prepared!)


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