Friday, June 09, 2006

Back From Venice - day 1

I'm back home now and I had a great time! The weather was great too so the forecast was wrong thank goodness! Although on the first 2 nights it clouded up a bit and rained at night but that didn't affect me. I'm going to break them up into days because I have so many photos! This is day 1, Monday June 5:

I spent most of the day traveling. It took about 8 hours to get there! (from home onto the Underground onto a train to Stansted Airport onto the flight to Treviso Airport then onto a coach bus and finally to Venice and then a walk to my accommodation)! I stayed at the Casa Alloggi Gerotto in the Cannaregio section in a dorm room for 4 people. I arrived around 5:00pm. I was so tired when I arrived but once I finally saw Venice and all the canals, gondolas, and cute shops I got lots of energy and ended up going for a very long walk for a couple hours all around! I went to every section except the Dorsoduro.

I tried using a map at first but found out quickly that it was a waste of time! It is such a labyrinth of canals and allays! I purposely went off the main tourist roads and got so lost and disoriented at one point; I ended up on the coast and thought it was the south coast near the Piazza San Marco when I later found out it was the north coast! It’s so easy to loose direction since all the lanes and canals curved and go in all directions. It was so fun though! It was like a game trying to find new picturesque canals (and they are everywhere you look!). I some how made it to the main areas like Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. On my way back I stopped at a little out door cafĂ© and had a panini and wine. I went to bed at around 10:00 though because I was soooo dead tired by that point! I met the others in my room later but was already in bed and didn’t talk to them much.

Below: random canals (2), the Rialto Bridge, Me infront of the start of the Grand Canal and the Chiesa Della Zitelle, Piazza San Marco, and my dinner near the Ponte Degli Scalzi (one of only 3 bridges that cross the Grand Canal)


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