Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer is definitely here!!

Today was a lazy, relaxing, hot day. All last week was very hot but today was crazy! It was in the 30’s!

Yesterday I walked to Oxford Street through Regent’s Park and all the roses are out now. The last time I walked through the same area, they were just stumps. Here are some photos of the park, so beautiful! Once I got to Oxford Street I was on a mission to buy some summer clothes, since I’m not ready for this heat at all! And it’ll be even hotter in Greece I’m sure! So I ended up buying a bunch of stuff including capris, tank tops, a skirt, etc… found some pretty good deals too!

I was also planning on going to see the Hillsong United band from Australia play tonight at church but when I got there, there was a huge long queue wrapping around the block (and I was half an hour early!). I stood in it for a while but it was sooo hot and I had all these shopping bags with me, so I ended up not seeing them (I would’ve had to wait for the next service which was over 2 hours away).

This weekend one of Gareth’s friends from Norway named Gunhild stayed over since they were going to a wedding of a friend on Sat. So this morning we ended up talking and going out for lunch at a near by tapas bar. It was really good! And we got along really well. After lunch she had to leave to stay with other friends before heading home.

I wanted to register with a doctor just in case I needed one so I had an appointment in the afternoon. I found out my real height which is taller than I thought! Apparently I’m 5’10.5” even though I always thought I was 5’9”. I can’t remember the last time I was measured and if it was even accurate. I guess it wasn’t! After the doctors, I went out to suntan since it’s crazy hot! I’m not complaining though! I’d much rather have it uncomfortably hot than uncomfortably cold. It’s just weird how it went from almost winter-like weather to boiling weather with no in-between stage! It’ll get me ready for the Greece heat! Below is Primrose Hill where I suntanned.


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