Friday, June 09, 2006

Last Day in Venice (Thurs, June 8)

All night I was thinking about that glass pendant necklace I saw the day before on Murano and didn’t buy. I decided to go back to Murano today and buy it before I leave. I had to be at Piazza Roma at 12 to catch the bus back to the airport so I got up early and headed out at 8am. I made sure the others in my room were up before I left so I could say bye and exchange emails (we’ll swap photos).

I checked out and walked to a near by Vaporetto stop and passed a seafood market on the way. I bought a big apple from a produce market for breakfast since I pigged out yesterday!

I had a nice morning boat ride out to the island of Murano and since I got there early, the shops weren’t open yet so I had a cappuccino outside at a little café. I also went for a little walk on the island but not too far since I had no map. It’s a nice little island. It was very quiet and has a more village atmosphere because the tourists weren’t around yet. Once the shops opened I went in and bought my necklace (below is a pic of other necklaces similar to the one I got. The man working in the store was a cute little Italian man who spoke no English and we had fun trying to figure out what we were each trying to say!

I also stopped at a building where they have glass blowing demonstrations for free. It’s pretty crazy how they do it!

I finally had to leave the little island and start making my way back to the hostel to pick up my bag and head to the bus stop. I had a long travel day ahead of me. The flight was an hour late and by the time I got home I was so exhausted and wanted anther vacation to recover! Well Greece is coming up in a few weeks!!!!

These are my observations:
Don’t go during high season, it gets so crowded in the popular areas! The water from the water fountains is drinkable. The main souvenirs are Murano glass, carnival masks, and lace. Sometimes all the alleys with buildings everywhere get kind of constricting. Wear comfy shoes because everything is in walking distance. Not as many cats as I thought (I saw 3). Explore the other islands too. As a girl traveling alone I had no problems, just the guys who’d yell “ciao bella!” and stuff like that but they were harmless. I felt fine walking around on my own at night. Most people speak English too but you should learn a few basics. Tourists are annoying (except me and the friends I met of course! Lol!) Give yourself an estimate of how long you think it’ll take to walk somewhere and times that by 5.

Now I'm home and it's Friday, June 9. I start work at 5:00 and I've spent all day going through the photos and putting up the posts on the blog! I need to get off this computer and enjoy the nice weather that London is experiencing!


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kelly del moo said...

Hi Michelle!! Wow, you are so much more of a dedicated blogger than I am.....I have just sat down and uploaded all my photos, but I haven't the strength to write everything down yet. I guess I have a month to recount, though, so perhaps that's why it feels like such an exhausting endeavor....anyhow, I loved reading about your experiences in Venice...the necklace you got (from the similar ones in the picture) looks SO BEAUTIFUL!! I didn't see anything like it while I was there. What a great find! Anyhow, I will email you my pictures when I finish uploading them. Hope all is going well for you!! :)