Friday, June 23, 2006

Hen Night

I had yesterday off and had my last Greek lesson. I said bye to my tutor Maria, she'll be in Athens all summer and is leaving in a few days. I really like her, she's very nice and easy to get along with.

It was also Helle's Hen Night (or bachelorette party). We all planned to meet at a Mexican restaurant called Chiquito right in Leicester Square. As I was arriving, there was another movie premiere happening for "Over the Hedge," the animated kids movie. I heard a bunch of cheers and went to take a look and Bruce Willis got out of a car so I grabbed a quick shot of him! So random! I didn't stay to watch anymore but I'm glad I got the shot, he is a cool guy!

When I got to Chiquito I didn't know who I should be meeting since I don't know Helle's friends. I just waited at the bar till Helle and her friend Georgina arrived. Soon more girls arrived and we had a few drinks and ordered a bunch of food! It was quite good! After dinner we headed for Zoo Bar for some dancing. Helle had a list of silly things she had to do like: get stranger's phone numbers or blow someone a kiss, it was pretty funny! She also had a sash on with "Bride to Be" down the front and flashing red lights.

Me, Helle, Oda, Natalia, Melanie, Georgina

I said goodbye and headed home on the bus. Luckily it wasn't too late because I have two long days of work next. But they are my last two days of work until September!!! Yay!!!


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