Monday, June 26, 2006

3 Months

Today, it's been exactly 3 months today that I left Victoria. The novelty still hasn't warn off that I'm living in London. I definitely feel at home and know my way around in some areas but it is so big and I haven't seen or done it all that's for sure!

I finally get to pickup my boyfriend Tony from the airport today too!!! I'm so excited!! Three months is a long time to be apart. We did it really well though and we feel even closer now then when I left. I think it's because you have to find ways to communicate and stay connected all the time or else it can just fade out. And it takes a lot more effort than if you were face to face with the person. If any of you experience a long distance relationship, I have some good tips for you! Anyways, only a few hours left till I see him!! I'll have to leave and take a short train trip to Gatwick soon.

What else? I finished my last day of work on Saturday. It was a long 14 hour day, so I'm glad it's over! No more work for me till September! (might as well take a break and have a lazy summer while I still can, I won't be able to do this very often!) I also bought a return ticket from Greece back to London since I was having some issues having bought a one-way ticket to Greece with no proof I was going to leave the country. So I'll leave for Greece with Tones on July 2 and I leave Greece on Aug 19. Hopefully it'll give me enough time to find a place to live in London by Sept 1.

I think that’s all the news for now!


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