Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sunny Day

Today was awesome! (by the way this post is a day late, this happened on the 5th). I found out the Recruitment Show wasn’t till tomorrow, thank goodness! Because it turned out to be so sunny today! I had to go out in the nice sun, so I headed out in the morning and walked through Primrose Hill and all the streets in that area. There were some very nice houses and mansions! I got to the top of Primrose Hill then headed toward Regent’s Park. It was so beautiful! I stopped at a little café and had some tea and a croissant.

Then I found a patch of grass to sit down so I could tan my legs. I almost went blind when I rolled up my pant legs! How scary and white they are! I need some major color before I go to Greece!

There was a really annoying part of the day: seeing all the couples frolicking around in the sun…couples having picnics, couples sitting on benches, couples going for walks!! I miss you Tones!

I took some nice pics of the day, but I forgot to put the memory card in my camera and I left the cord at home to connect to the computer! So I can’t get them onto my comp which is a shame!

After that, I headed home. My new friend Helle then invited me over. So I got over there in a little over an hour (2 buses + walking to Pimlico). And we had a good time chatting, eating thai takeout, drinking wine, and watching 2 movies! I ended up staying over because it got too late and I didn’t feel like attempting the long journey home at night. Now it’s Thurs morning and I just got home. The Recruitment Show is today, so I’ll check that out.


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