Sunday, April 09, 2006

Football and Shopping

Today I didn't go to church since Hillsong was set in a different venue that was far to the east and it would've been a trek to get there. So I went with Gareth for a Sunday lunch at a nearby pub. It was very good! Roast beef, yorkshire pudding, veggies, yams, potatos...mmmm! Then I took off to Oxford Street where I wanted to buy a few more things and ended up buying some skinny jeans, black leggings, and an embroidered long shirt. That's the end of my shopping sprees, for now. I've gotta find a job and save for some traveling!

After shopping, I met up with Gareth and his friend Glen at a local pub to watch a football (soccer) game. Our local team is called the Arsenals, but unforunately they lost!

Now I am at home and will watch some TV and get my resume together for some serious job hunting this week!


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