Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I was planning on going to the John Saone's Museum today but when I got there, it wasn't open. That's fine I'll go tomorrow. Infront of the museum was this cute park pictured below. The Huntarian Museum also faces this park on the opposite side.

Lincoln's Inn Fields

After the failed museum attempt, I decided to head toward The National Portrait Gallery and see where I ended up. I walked around Covent Garden and stopped in a cute tea shop where I bought some vanilla tea; it smells soooo good. Then I hit an area full of book stores so that lured me in for an hour or two! What next? I walked around Soho and each time I go there I always find a new part that I hadn’t seen before because the streets don’t make any sense; there are no grid patterns, so it’s hard to see it all and memorize where stores and other streets are.

Covent Garden Market

I made my way to Leicester Square and went for a Starbucks and studied Greek for another hour or so. Apparently they are having the “Mission Impossible 3” premiere in Leicester Square tomorrow, so I think I’m going to come down for that. It would be kinda neat to see Tom Cruise in person! Although I doubt he’ll show since he just had a baby; there are others in the movie I wouldn’t mind seeing like Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Laurence Fishburne; It’ll probably be packed though, I’d have to go early for a good spot!

By the time I finished all that it was too late to go to a museum so I wandered some more and went to Hamley’s Toy Store; it’s huge!


I got home around 8:30 and made myself a big bowl of pasta!


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