Thursday, April 27, 2006


Today I did my second temp job. It was so easy and not stressful at all (quite the opposite actually). It took me 45mins to walk to the school. It's a business school on Finchley Road. I was an Invigilator in a 3 hour exam. I was with another lady named Michelle. We had to get the room ready for the exam and once the students came in we had to check their dictionaries to see if there were any hidden cheat notes. The rest of the time we just observed and gave the students language dictionaries when needed. At the end, we collected all the exams and cleaned up and went back to the main office.

They needed someone to photocopy a bunch of the exams, so I stayed behind and photocopied for a few hours. Tedious and brain dead work, but at least I wasn't stressed (and I made a bit more money at this job, than the last). I just got into a rhythm and daydreamed most of the time.

It's kinda neat doing different types of jobs, I haven’t done anything like these two jobs in the past. It gives me a better idea of the types of things I like and don't like. For example I now know that I hate switchboard phones. It also gives me a greater appreciation for doing multimedia work (which is what I really want to do). I may have something in June, if not, when I get back from Greece I have a good chance of getting something, I'll keep you all posted.

Now I'm going to make some dinner and watch "Grey's Anatomy"; I've been hooked on it lately.


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