Friday, April 07, 2006


Today I thought I would probably stay in since it was yucky, grey, and rainy. I also wanted to look up some jobs online. But I ended up feeling guilty staying in when I could be out exploring. So I decided to check out the neighborhood some more. So far I’ve just checked out the southern area (Primrose Hill) and towards town. I didn’t even know what was north up the hill.

I was still grey and wet out but I ended up having a great walk! I walked up the street past Belsize Park (where I live) to Hampstead Village. It’s very posh and beautiful with cute churches and lanes. Lots of nice shops including a designer second hand shop called Exclusivo which I went in a saw second hand Chanel, Mui Mui, Armani, and Versace among others. The second hand stuff in that store was more expensive than brand new regular clothes! I ended up buying a sketch book, since I want to start drawing more and updating my portfolio eventually.

I didn’t know this very nice area was just up the road! I’m glad I found out about it. It’ll save me from heading into town to do errands (although the stores here aren’t exactly cheap!)

Below are a few photos: The first is pretty much right across the street from my flat. The rest are on the way up the hill towards Hampstead Village (about a 10min walk). The trees in the third pic seem quite popular here; They have their little branches chopped off so they look kind of like big cacti. Strange, but it looks cool when there is a whole block full of them.

Tonight I am home alone since Gareth is staying at a friend's after helping him move. So I made a little dinner for myself. Here it is and it was soooo good! It would be nice to actually meet some people and go out and eat more often but I guess for now my little dinner will do! Now I'm going to have chocolate and tea and curl up and watch a movie.


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